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    Dewdrop - 1948 Mezzotint

    M.C. Escher Foundation

    The M.C. Escher Foundation was established by M.C. Escher himself in 1968 and its goal was to preserve the legacy of his work. Unfortunately, a large part of the original collection was sold in 1981 to an American art dealer and is thus scattered all over the world.

    Today the M.C. Escher Foundation organizes exhibitions, publishes books and films about the life and work of M.C. Escher. The Foundation has a large collection of original work by M.C. Escher at its deposal and tries to get as many original pieces of art as possible back to the Netherlands.

    The Foundation was the driving force behind the very successful exhibitions that were held in the Netherlands in 1998, which drew  300.000 visitors. 99999999